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Fishing Destinations - Saskatchewan 

Below is where you'll find some of the best fishing destinations in Saskatchewan. There are a lot of them and we will continually be adding to this list. Want to add your fishing lodge or charter to the list? Contact us!

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Nipawin is not far from Tobin Lake. On the Saskatchewan River, the E.B. Campbell Dam created this reservoir lake. Tobin holds the world ice fishing walleye record with an 18.3-pound walleye caught, and it is regarded by some as the best lake in Saskatchewan for walleye fishing! The lake's many other species, such as perch, pike, burbot, whitefish, and goldeye, will also delight avid anglers. You might even be able to catch a sturgeon because the Saskatchewan River is the primary inflow and outflow into the lake.

Reindeer Lake

Image by Dan Loran

The unspoiled wilderness of Saskatchewan's north leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime for those who visit. There is a lot of water to explore at Reindeer Lake, which is the ninth largest lake in Canada and the second largest lake in Saskatchewan. Deep Bay, to the south of the lake, is also said to be home to a mythical monster. A meteorite that fell about 140 million years ago is what created the Bay. Deep Bay is seven hundred and twenty feet deep and thirteen kilometers wide. Reindeer Lake is home to numerous species, including pike, walleye, perch, Arctic grayling, whitefish, burbot, cisco, and a variety of suckers. It is also famous for its trophy-sized lake trout and pike.

Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

One of Saskatchewan's largest parks, Lac La Ronge has something for anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. The park, which is part of the Churchill River system, has nearly one hundred lakes that can be explored. There are numerous amazing fishing opportunities available! Additionally, there are numerous canoe routes. As you paddle down the same routes that many fur traders used, you can step back in time.

Black Lake

Image by Kelly Sikkema

This amazing lake, which can be found in the province's northernmost part near Stony Rapids and the town of Black Lake, will awe and awe nature lovers as well as anglers. Lake trout and pike of trophy size can be caught here. Additionally, you can fish for the magnificent Arctic grayling. Whitefish, cisco, burbot, and suckers are among the lake's more common species.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Image by Hunter Brumels

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that the park's lakes offer some of the best trout fishing in the province. Battle Creek has excellent fishing for brook and rainbow trout, as well as brown and brown trout. Great fishing for cutthroat and brook trout can be found in Loch Leven. Outside of the park, there are numerous creeks that provide excellent trout fishing.

Lake Diefenbaker

Image by Eugene Samarin

The construction of the Qu'Appelle River Dam and the Gardiner Dam created this reservoir lake. The massive Lake Diefenbaker, which is in the south of the province, is best known for its trophy-sized rainbow trout. In fact, Lake Diefenbaker is home to both the current world record burbot and rainbow trout. Walleye, pike, lake trout, sauger, perch, Atlantic salmon, lake sturgeon, goldeye, cisco, and suckers are among the numerous other species found in the lake.

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