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Fishing Destinations - Manitoba 

Below is where you'll find some of the best fishing destinations in Manitoba. There are a lot of them and we will continually be adding to this list. Want to add your fishing lodge or charter to the list? Contact us!

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Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Northern Pike are just a few of the many species of fish that call Falcon Lake, which is located in Whiteshell Provincial Park, home. There are many places to stay to plan a fishing weekend because it is in such a beautiful provincial park.

Red River

Image by Will Turner

To get to a favorite fishing spot, you don't have to go very far outside of Winnipeg. Many people go trophy fishing off the Red River's shores in Lockport. Despite the fact that the water is not one you would want to swim in, it is home to numerous fish that you will enjoy catching. Some of the most common fish are sturgeon, catfish, and greenback walleye. Prepare to spend a lot of time reeling in all of these types, which come in trophy sizes. Depending on your preference, this is a great place where you can go fishing alone or with a guide.

Clear Lake

Image by Krzysztof  Niewolny

Within the boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park are numerous waterbodies including Clear Lake. Anglers who just want to get out on the water and unwind with their line should head to this location. Clear Lake offers a variety of fishing methods. For Northern Pike, travel to the backcountry. Give fly fishing for Brook Trout a shot. or slowly drift along the lake's waters in search of Walleye.

Lake Winnipeg

Image by Zab Consulting

Lake Winnipeg is a must-try if you want to fish in Manitoba. For every angler out there, this enormous body of water is a popular fishing destination. Throughout the entire year, the lake hosts numerous fish derbies. Walleye of record size are brought into the lake by the Saskatchewan River. However, this lake contains more fish than just Walleye. Common Carp, Lake Sturgeon, Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and numerous others are all present.

Winnipeg River

Image by Ben Wicks

The Winnipeg River is lined with numerous fishing spots; All of them are excellent fishing spots. The Winnipeg River should be on your list of places to visit if you want to go fishing. For a stay-and-fish weekend, there are numerous outfitters, camps, and resorts to choose from. The water system frequently contains Lake Whitefish and Walleye. Sturgeon and crappie have also been reported to have been caught in the river.

Aikens Lake

Image by Brady Rogers

The second deepest lake in Manitoba is Aikens Lake. It descends 295 feet. which creates the ideal environment for fish to thrive. Seven different kinds of fish inhabit the lake, including Trophy Pike and Lunker Lake Trout. Aikens Lake is thought to be the best place in the world to fish.

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