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Motorcycle Trips - Nova Scotia

These are the best routes that we have found for an amazing ride through scenic Nova Scotia

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The Cabot Trail is a 298 km highway that weaves through The Cape Breton Highlands National Park, rewarding travellers with spectacular valley and coastal views all along the way. The roads are always in great shape. As with any National Park, you will need to buy a park pass if you intend to pull over for a break or to take some pictures within the park. The pass is only $10 so it's well worth it.

Halifax Escape

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From Halifax head west to Chester Basin before heading north on hwy 12 to Kentville. From there you head west to Annapolis Royal. In this stretch its always recommended to take the side roads instead of the main highway, you won't be disappointed! From there, head south on hwy 8 to Liverpool before heading back east towards Halifax. This is a long trip of about 600km. I recommend stopping in at places such as Lunenburg to check out the sights. 

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