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Image by Benjamin Hassel

Motorcycle Trips - Yukon

If you're looking for a rugged place to ride, this is the best spot to find your next motorcycle route in the Yukon

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Want to see Yukon, BC and Alaska all within 3 hours? This is the trip for you. The trip takes you from Whitehorse, through British Columbia to Skagway, Alaska (don't forget your passport). This is one of those rides should only take 2.5 hours but you will be stopping so much to enjoy the scenery that you need to plan a lot longer of a trip. That is unless you don't like to have bears fishing for salmon, bald eagles flying through the sky or jumping whales in your photos. 

The Arctic Circle

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This is for the serious and experienced adventure rider only. This trip from Dawson City to Eagle Plains is a seriously rugged route. Don't expect any paved roads or nearby gas stations. What you can expect is exactly what the Yukon has to offer, vast and rugged wilderness and a memory that will last a lifetime. At the end of this route you will end up at the Arctic Circle sign stating that you have entered the Arctic Circle. 

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