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Off-Road Adventures -
Newfoundland & Labrador

Where are the best places to ride an ATV in Newfoundland? This is the spot to discover off-road trails in Newfoundland & Labrador.

La Marches Des Miettes

Near Cape St. George, Newfoundland and Labrador, check out this 7.7-kilometer out-and-back trail that is generally regarded as a moderately challenging route. You won't run into many other people while exploring this trail, which is great for camping, hiking, and off-road driving.

Fox Cove

Image by Manny Moreno

Try this 5.1-km trail close to Fox Bay Mortier, Newfoundland and Labrador which is a grand OHV trail from Fox Inlet to Lover Bois. Between Duricle Pond and Duricle Cove, there is a beautiful beach about halfway there.

Between Main Road and Main Street, it only goes in one direction. On a gravel double track, the route goes over a number of hills and features several lakes. You won't run into many other people while exploring this trail, which is great for hiking, bird watching, and off-road driving.

Fair Haven to South River

Image by gaspar zaldo

Try this 80.9-km point-to-point trail near Tickle Harbour Station, Newfoundland and Labrador. From the highway access to the Fair Haven area, this is an excellent section of the Trailway. You can go as far as you want along this multi-use trailway after starting at the small parking area off the road. In the winter, this route is also accessible to cross-country skiers, cyclists, and pedestrians. There are numerous wetlands and lakes to see! If you continue along this route, South River will be your final destination.

Paradise - Holyrood

Image by Joshua Hanson

Explore this 34.4-kilometer Newfoundland and Labrador trail near Paradise. By and large thought to be a difficult course. Horseback riding, off-road driving, and road biking are all popular activities on this trail. The T'Railway Commonplace Park trail network is right around 900 kilometers in length, crossing from Port Aux Basques to St. John's. There is a parking lot near the trailhead at the intersection of Topsail Road and McNamara Drive in Paradise, and there is a parking lot near Maloney's Beach in Holyrood. For the majority of the trail, it is frequently windy along the waterfront. In the final third, as you get closer to Holyrood, the trail becomes more rocky, muddy, and has a lot of potholes.

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