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Family Beach Day

Family Adventures

Wondering where to take your family for some fun adventures? This is where to look! Also check out our other pages to find hiking trails, road trip ideas and so much more!

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Family Fun in Ontario
Wolves at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Centre
Haliburton, ON

This 5,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to the education and conservation of Canadian wolves. It has a large indoor observatory that looks out over the 15-acre forested enclosure, where an Alpha pair of wolves, their siblings, and offspring live. 

Polar Bear Habitat

The Polar Bear Habitat in northeastern Ontario is a truly one-of-a-kind experience that gives visitors a fascinating look inside the world of one of Canada's most majestic animals. The one-of-a-kind research, rescue, and conservation station has a 10-acre lake and four polar bears on more than 24 acres of subarctic and boreal landscape.

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Native wild animals who have been injured or orphaned can seek refuge at this registered charity. With the intention of rehabilitating and releasing animals, staff members provide high-quality care. In some instances, animals can't survive in the wild and need to be cared for forever. Meet some of their resident animals, such as silver, arctic, and red foxes and coyotes, on a pre-booked, private, and fully guided educational tour.

Cedar Meadows Wilderness Park

An extensive wilderness park is part of one of the best resorts in northern Ontario. It is home to mountain goats, moose, deer, elk, and bison. Take a tractor-drawn wagon tour of the wilderness every day at 3 p.m. (year-round) or 7 p.m. (summer only) to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures. Some of the animals may even allow you to feed them by hand.

Dynamic Earth

The Big Nickel's home, Dynamic Earth, is an immersive, hands-on science center with mining and earth science experiences. This iconic location provides interactive and educational entertainment for visitors of all ages with a guided underground tour, multimedia theaters, engaging exhibits, and an outdoor science park.

Science North

Science North is the most popular tourist destination in Northern Ontario. The Science North's restaurant and cafeteria are housed in the smaller snowflake, while the exhibits are housed in the larger snowflake. The two snowflake-shaped buildings that house the indoor exhibits and recreational areas are connected by a rock tunnel that goes through a geologic fault that is billions of years old and was discovered by accident during construction in the 1980s. Science North is a MUST-SEE for every family!

Ice Skating Trail
Arrowhead Provincial Park 

The best-kept secret in Ontario might no longer be a secret. The Ice Trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park has evolved from local legend to a popular winter activity in Muskoka! The Ice Skating Trail opened in 2012 on a whim and with a vision. Since then, it has grown into one of the most popular winter attractions in the area and one of the most sought-after winter "bucket list" experiences in the province. A winter experience unlike any other is the 1.3-kilometer Ice Skating Trail, which winds through the dense Muskoka forest. Consider yourself fortunate if you can skate the loop after a fluffy snowfall. It's an absolutely stunning sight to be surrounded on all sides by snow-covered evergreen trees, and you won't soon forget it. Bring the whole family and enjoy the perfect backdrop as you watch your kids race around the track.

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Family Fun in Quebec
Zoo sauvage de Saint-Felicien

Surprises await guests who spend the night at the boreal forest-set Zoo sauvage de Saint-Felicien. As guests board a shuttle bus, bison, bears, and musk oxen freely roam the grounds. There are animals almost everywhere, but there are also things you don't expect to see. For instance, when you sit down to lunch in a pioneer house from the late 1800s, a large bear walks along the front porch. or when you go for a hike and discover that the same trail is preferred by a mother moose and her young.


Aventuraid is a wolf-only wildlife observation center. Two and a half to five acres of fenced enclosures house three semi-wild packs of arctic and grey wolves. Outside the enclosures, there are trails that make it simple to observe and explore at your own pace. Visitors can come for a few hours and be on their way, but it is not the same experience. No overnight stay is required. The wolves should not be missed at night.

family New Bunswick
Family Fun in New Brunswick
Resurgo Place 

Modern facilities like Resurgo Place connect Moncton's history, technology, and discovery. Transportation was the foundation of the resilient City of Moncton. Come and find out why the city's motto is "Resurgo," which means "I rise again." Investigate the tales of our heritage and people. Follow the recurring themes of transportation as they shape our perception of this location and its connections to the wider world. Use our interactive exhibits to have fun and move your creations further, faster, and safer!

Woodmen's Museum

Explore the logging heritage, culture, and history in central New Brunswick, as well as the lives of woodsmen and the local ecology from the 1800s. The New Brunswick Lumberjack Championships and numerous other cultural community events are among the thousands of artifacts housed in this 15-acre open-air museum.

Ecological Park of the Acadian Peninsula

Explore an area of unspoiled beauty where the lushness of the trees and plants has not been altered. a location where wildlife is cared for and safeguarded. Start at the Interpretation Center, where animated screens will show you how fragile the ecosystem around you is. A footbridge, an observation tower, and a boardwalk that crosses an estuary and into the forest connect the area.

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Family Fun in Nova Scotia
OnTree Fun & Adventure Park

Canada's largest high-rope course climbing and zip-line park offers Nova Scotia's first high-rope course climbing and zip-lining. There are 14 adult courses, 2 children's courses, and 2 training courses at OnTree Fun & Adventure Park that challenge all skill levels and are great fun for all ages.

Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

The 40 hectares of natural woodlands are home to a few exotic species in addition to native mammals and birds. There are static and interactive displays about wildlife and their habitats at the Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park. The two kilometers are wheelchair-friendly and will take you to areas where you can see the animals. Along the way, there will be interpretive panels.

Mastodon Ridge

You can take pictures with the highway's life-size replica of a mastodon from the past. There are interactive panels about the area's history, local animals and plants, and a children's play area along the trail that leads to the mastodon. There's also a new Mini Golf Course, Fun Fort and Park. The Mastodon Ridge farmers' market is open on Sundays.

Whale watching
Brier Island

Brier Island is well-known because it is where the majority of whales, seabirds, and other sea creatures in Nova Scotia are seen. On a Brier Island Whale and Seabird Cruise, you can see Right, Finback, and Humpback whales, all of which are rare and endangered. Choose from two to five daily cruises.

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Family Fun in PEI
Argyle Shore
Argyle Shore Provincial Park

At Argyle Shore, take a look at the famous red sand beaches. From mid-June to mid-September, the unsupervised beach is open. The beach is a popular spot for clamming at low tide. The clams' holes are visible in the clay sand. With unobstructed views of the Northumberland Strait, take advantage of the park's extensive green space and beach. At low tide, people like to dig clams and watch hermit crabs in this area. The beach is reached via a long staircase. There is playground equipment, picnic tables, showers, and flush toilets at this day use park. The beach is unattended. Leashes are required for pets.

By The Sea Kayak & Paddle Board Adventures

Start paddling and enjoy the view of the island's inlets and bays from the water. With their tours and lessons, you can learn to paddleboard and kayak. They do provide bicycle rentals for those who prefer to remain dry. Additionally, they provide clam-digging excursions.

East Coast Paddle Adventures
Souris and Naufrage

With East Coast Paddle Adventures, you can experience adventure at Basin Head and Souris Beach. You can start paddling around the red shore with the help of paddle board rentals, lessons, and tours. You can rent bicycles and kayaks at the Souris Beach location to explore the river and trails.

Brudenell Riding Stables
Georgetown Royalty

Enjoy a leisurely 4.5 km guided trail ride through the woods, along the Brudenell River, and across the beach as you experience how amazing it is to ride horses. Younger riders can go on pony rides.

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Family Fun in Manitoba
Assiniboine Park Zoo

The Assiniboine Park Zoo in the heart of Winnipeg has amazing animal encounters, wild adventures, and fun for all four seasons. The Zoo is a must-visit destination for people of all ages because it has more than 150 amazing animals with feathers and fur.

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre

The numerous paleontology exhibits in the museum depict a fascinating, ancient, and dangerous world that is now obscured by the tranquil prairie. The largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada can be found at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

The Barefoot Ranch

A Manitoba horse rescue is The Barefoot Ranch. They are a non-profit organization that provides horses with a home, clean water, food, shelter, hoof trimming, vet services, and tender care four miles north of Teulon. We are dedicated to this mission and passionate about providing them with the best possible lives. providing both socialization with the animals that are currently housed here and guided tours of the facility. Weekend camping and horseback riding are only available by appointment.

Boreal Discovery Centre

The Boreal Discovery Centre seeks to respect the lands, fauna, and waters for their life-giving bounty through education and conservation in honor of its location on Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation territory. The Boreal Discovery Centre will have an expanded community garden, herb gardens, a greenhouse, and landscaping with boreal plants. Visitors can also learn about how people have traditionally adapted to the boreal region and meet animals from the boreal forest.

Heritage North Museum

An open-air blacksmith shop and two log structures make up Heritage North Museum. A boreal forest diorama with a real caribou hide tipi, First Nations and fur trade artifacts, fossils, a woolly mammoth tusk, traveling exhibits, and mining- and Inco-related artifacts are among the exhibits. Throughout the summer, blacksmith demonstrations are held on a regular basis. In addition, the museum has a Visitor Information Booth and Institutional Archives.

family Newfoundland
Family Fun in Newfoundland & Labrador
Salmonier Nature Park
Salmonier Line

A three-kilometer boardwalk trail winds through wetlands and woods. En route, more than twelve types of untamed life are shown in delicately planned nooks. While taking a leisurely stroll through the boreal forest of Newfoundland and Labrador, you can admire a variety of animals, including moose, caribou, lynx, foxes, owls, and otters, to name just a few, at this unique park. Displays on the wildlife of Newfoundland and Labrador can be seen at our brand-new Wildlife Discovery Centre!

Champney's West Aquarium
Bonavista Peninsula

The charming fishing community of Champney's West is just five minutes off the main road on the Bonavista Peninsula, across Trinity Bay, from Winterton. The Champney's West Aquarium is a little-known gem in the area. It has a lot of displays and exhibits about local marine life. The touch tanks, where visitors can get up close and personal with sea anemone, starfish, and sea cucumber, are especially popular with children. To help your curious children gain a better understanding of our ocean and the creatures that call it home, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions they may have. To relax and recharge at the outdoor picnic area, pack a picnic lunch! The breathtaking Fox Island Trail is another attraction in the region that is suitable for more energetic travelers. This moderately difficult hike, which lies in the shadow of the Skerwink Trail, takes you on a 5.5-kilometer journey through stunning scenery along the coast, across a secluded beach, and culminates in a winding stroll through the fishing village.

Fortune Head Geology Centre
Burin Peninsula

The Fortune Head Geology Centre, which is at the tip of the Burin Peninsula, has fun activities and interactive displays designed to introduce kids to the world of geology. As you explore the center room by room, each focusing on a different geological period on the earth's timeline, you can travel back in time. The interactive sandbox and tsunami simulator, two of the most popular family activities, are always a hit with young and old alike! Fans of dinosaurs will love this. Make sure to get a family picture with your new friend the wooly mammoth or one of the other dinosaur statues all over.

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Family Fun in Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Science Centre

The only 3D IMAX theater in the province can be found at the Saskatchewan Science Centre, which also offers workshops, surprises, and experiments. Through interactive, dynamic, and engaging opportunities, the Saskatchewan Science Centre is a non-profit, non-governmental educational facility with the goal of igniting scientific curiosity and innovation in Saskatchewan communities. To fulfill that mission, our vision for the future is to inspire minds through innovation and science. Since its opening in 1989, the Science Centre has attracted close to 4 million visitors, making it one of Saskatchewan's most popular family attractions.

Grasslands National Park
Val Marie

Prairie dogs seem to only be found here in Canada. Their northernmost habitat can be found in this park. You can spend a lot of time marveling at the adorableness of the black-tailed prairie dogs at the Larson colony near the end of the Ecotour road and the Top Dogtown Trail at the road's beginning. You can identify their family by observing their actions, like kissing. The park is home to a lot of bison as-well .

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo

Take a trip to the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo to rekindle the wonder you experienced as a kid. At Saskatchewan's only CAZA-accredited zoo, you can meet an adorable group of meerkats, cheeky Goeldi's monkeys, majestic grizzly bears, and many other species. The Orano Fun Zone playground is a favorite spot for kids of all ages—not just monkeys who enjoy swinging and climbing!

T. rex Discovery Centre

Saskatchewan's destination for dinosaurs! presenting daily summer programs, documentary films, and guided gallery tours. Special events for groups that have already booked. "Scotty," Canada's largest T. rex, lives here. Seasonally open from May (beginning with the long weekend of Victory Day) until September (closing after the long weekend of Labor Day).

Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre

Through education, stewardship, and ecotourism, the Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre (SBOIC) was established to aid in the conservation of the endangered burrowing owl and their prairie habitat. In the spring of 1997, the Centre made its first public appearance.

family Alberta
Family Fun in Alberta
Royal Tyrrell Museum

Canada's only museum devoted solely to the study of ancient life is the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. They have one of the largest displays of dinosaurs anywhere in the world, as well as a wide range of imaginative, entertaining, and instructive programs that bring the prehistoric past to life. The Ministry of Culture of the Government of Alberta manages the Museum.

Hoodoos Trail

One of the most popular summer destinations in Western Canada is Drumheller, Alberta, which is known for its amazing Badlands landscape. The Drumheller hoodoos awe-inspiring landscape of valleys, couloirs, and ravines attracts visitors from all over North America. If you're going on a road trip to Canada, you have to try walking the Hoodoos trail to see these amazing geological formations.

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

Ride a horse-drawn sleigh through Banff's sparkling snow. As your friendly driver takes you on a scenic ride through snow-covered meadows, you can cuddle up with friends, family, or a loved one. Take in the stunning views of the valley and the mountains that surround it. Back at the stables, warm up by the fire with a hot drink after the ride.

Mt Norquay Tubing

Mt. Norquay's Tube Park, which is only ten minutes from the town of Banff, provides easy adrenaline, legendary views, and clean mountain air. With 8 paths of fast tomfoolery, this cylinder park is the biggest in Alberta. From the North American Lodge, which is located in the resort's base area, it is only a short walk to this location. The specially designed magic carpet towing system will pull you to the top of the specially groomed tubing lanes, so you won't have to walk uphill after each ride. Tubes are provided. There is also a play area for kids and a small slide at the tube park. Therefore, the tubing hill offers even more activities for children.

Wolfdog Sanctuary

Learn more about how wolf behavior is fundamentally distinct from that of domestic dogs by observing the wolfdogs at the sanctuary. Also, this is a great chance to learn about how important it is to keep wolves in their natural habitat and how important they are to our ecosystem. You will also have plenty of time to take pictures and speak with the tour guide from the sanctuary team. The only sanctuary tour that offers an up-close-and-personal experience with wolfdogs, this exclusive tour has limited availability and limited numbers per tour to ensure that the wolfdogs remain curious and close during your visit.

Evening Wildlife Safari Guided Tour

In the cool hours before dusk, the wildlife of Banff National Park become more active as the sun sets behind the rocky mountains. On 95% of our tours, you'll see wildlife, so this is your best chance to see some of Banff's wildest residents up close. On a bus tour with paved roads, your guide will take you to the best places to see animals from the Rocky Mountains. Bighorn sheep grazing in an alpine meadow, elk strolling across a clearing, and occasionally even a grizzly bear snuffling through a berry bush are all possibilities. You will also learn how the park safeguards these animals and their natural habitats from numerous ecosystem threats.

Jasper Riding Stables

You can take in the famous mountain ranges of Jasper as you make your way up a steep climb to the popular Pyramid Bench Lookout. The scenery of Jasper's glacial lakes and snow-capped mountains on this ride is one of a kind. or Begin your journey along Patricia Lake prior to experiencing Cottonwood Creek's woodland life. Continue climbing until you reach the lookout, where you can admire the stunning panorama of Japer. One of our favorite places to stop is here!

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Family Fun in British Columbia
Whistler Luxury Land Rover Excursions

Journey through the Coast Mountain Range to scenic locations with rare wildlife; We are able to travel to some of the most remote locations in the Whistler region thanks to the robust "air suspension" luxury Discovery Trek Edition Land Rovers that we have. These vehicles also perform well in adverse conditions. On an off-road scenic excursion for Black Bear viewing, take in the region's unrivaled beauty. Keep in mind to bring your camera! Photographic opportunities abound on every Whistler Discovery Bear Viewing Tour adventure.

Tide Rip Grizzly Tours
Telegraph Cove

Tide Rip Grizzly Tours Ltd. is a small independent business in Telegraph Cove, British Columbia, on Northern Vancouver Island. Tide Rip has been leading daily boat-based expeditions to photograph wild grizzly bears and other stunning coastal British Columbia wildlife for more than 15 years. We adhere to the following philosophy: in addition to our daily grizzly bear tours, we strive to promote conservation through coexistence through outreach education programs and presentations, fundraising endeavors, and sponsorship of conservation NGOs.

Whale Watching
Campbell River

Campbell River Whale Watching & Adventure Tours, Campbell River's largest tour operator, offers both on- and off-water excursions. They offer guided hikes as well as tours of wineries, distilleries, and breweries from a spacious 14-passenger van. They also have seven marine vessels, including covered boats and Zodiacs, so there is something for everyone's comfort level! There are tours for Grizzly Bears, Whales, and Wildlife, ranging from three hours to a full day, on which you can see Grizzly Bears, Humpback Whales, Orcas, Dolphins, Porpoises, Eagles, Sea Lions, Black Bears, and more!

Family Adventure Zone

There are a number of activities in the Family Adventure Zone at the base of Blackcomb Mountain (Upper Village) that are guaranteed to excite everyone. A Human Gyroscope, a Rope Zone Ropes Course, a Rock Climbing Wall, and many other activities are available.

ATV Adventure
Campbell River

Take a north island ATV adventure tour with ATV Adventure and see the majestic mountains, wooded trails, and remote lakes! In a fully enclosed side-by-side ATV with a windshield and built-in heater, get up close and personal with some of the world's most stunning landscapes. making a cold day into a warm, dry adventure. The best way to enter the wild is on an ATV. Beautiful vistas with snow-capped mountains, stunning lakes, rivers, and forests all surround you. From the safety of your enclosed vehicle, you might even spot a cougar, a bald eagle, a black bear, or one of the many other forest animals.

Pirate Adventures

Prepare yourself for an interactive pirate adventure unlike any other as you set sail on The Black Spirit. Join the crew for pirate training and some storytelling after dressing up in masks and face paint, and then set out to find lost treasure. With the water cannons, fight the evil Pirate Pete and cheer on our First Mate as he saves the ship from mutiny in a sword fight! Dig into the treasure after assisting with its transportation and find some valuables to take home! Pirate Adventures is an interactive theatre show unlike any other! Don't forget the party, complete with dancing and pirate grog! The whole family will have a blast on this G-rated sail!

Myra Canyon Adventure Park

The outdoor high ropes and zip line park Myra Canyon Adventure Park is situated in the wilderness and splendor of the Myra Canyon. They have a lot of activities for kids over the age of three. Bring the whole family to take in the beautiful scenery, the clean air, the adventure, and the memories that will last a lifetime! In the center of Canada's Okanagan valley, Myra Canyon Adventure Park is your starting point for outdoor family fun and activities. 20 minutes away from Kelowna's center. With a permanent belay system and seven youth and adult high ropes courses in the trees, there is no clipping and unclipping required. Nets protect our 20-part kinder course without a harness. Nine off-road Segways are brand-new to our park. Additionally, they provide Segway tours and training for individuals and small groups.

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Family Fun in Yukon
Yukon Wildlife Preserve
Takhini Hotsprings

At this location, children can learn a lot about the local wildlife. The preserve is open throughout the year, but the hours vary depending on the season. You can walk a 5-kilometer loop that takes you by enclosures where, among other animals, you can see moose, elk, mountain goats, muskox, wood bison, and thinhorn sheep. Throughout the year, activities that are suitable for kids are planned. In the fall, a scavenger hunt for Halloween is held. In the summer, a race of five kilometers through the preserve is held. However, the Easter egg hunt and, typically, the appearance of newborn animals may be the most anticipated times of year. Visit the preserve's website to learn about upcoming events.


There are numerous outfitters that provide excursions and experiences in dogsledding for both the hour and the entire day. Some also provide lodging and home-cooked meals on-site, allowing you to focus on having fun with your family. Most of them are open all year. Spend a day with the huskies in the winter, then go snowmobiling, ice fishing, or snowshoeing the rest of your stay. Some offer sled dog-led hiking excursions during the summer and fall.

Arctic Range Adventure

Driving on the Arctic ice road, experiencing first nation culture, dog sledding along the Yukon Quest Race, canoeing, hiking, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and watching the Aurora Borealis dance among the star-filled Arctic sky are just a few of the exceptional experiences offered by Arctic Range Adventure.

Caribou Crossing Trading Post

Set back from the highway as you drive into Carcross is the Trading Post. The saloon-style “town” features a number of “storefronts” offering tons of family-friendly activities. The petting zoo has goats, llamas, donkeys and more. There are also dog cart rides (those huskies don’t take summers off!) and a puppy pen where visitors can watch and photograph the next generation of Caribou Crossing sled dogs. Finally, as any Yukon town worth its weight in gold would offer, there’s an opportunity to learn how to gold pan and try your hand at it.

family NWT
Family Fun in Northwest Territories
Arctic Tours Canada

Arctic tours Canada is a registered tour operator in Yellowknife that offers customized Yellowknife festivals packages and customized group tours in partnership with other licensed tour operators in Yellowknife. Other tours they offer include aurora hunting tours, Yellowknife city tours, wildlife tours, snowshoeing tours, snow castle tours, ice fishing tours, snowmobile tours, dog sledding tours, Great Slave Lake northern lights boat cruise tours, and ice road tours.

Tugah Northern Experiences

A northern Indigenous family owns and runs Tugah Northern Experiences, which primarily serves tourists, travelers, and people who want to get a taste of Tugáh Northern Experiences and learn more about it. Discover our Northern Indigenous cultures, ways of life, and worldviews. Hot beverages and bannock complete each of our experiences. What an excellent way to take part in a fun Northern adventure! Take in the sights of the Aurora, go traditional dogsledding, or stay in a tipi.

family Nunavut
Family Fun in Nunavut
Coming Soon!

We are still looking for adventures in Nunavut. If you know or operate a business and want it to be listed, please CONTACT US.

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